Fulton City 2020 Fireworks show has been cancelled.

Fulton’s City Commission Monday evening decided to cancel this year’s annual Fireworks Display July 4, as well as the July 11 previously scheduled concert planned for Pontotoc Park this Summer. However, the fourth and final Summer concert Aug. 8, and September’s Banana Festival decisions were tabled until the next meeting.

City Closes Basketball Courts and Ball fields in all City Parks


City of Fulton Closing Certain Park Amenities to the Public

Fulton, KY (March 27, 2020)

All City owned basketball courts, baseball fields and softball fields are now closed for public use effective immediately. Signage and barriers are being placed to reflect these closures.  Observations of more than ten persons in close proximity, while using these areas has been noted.   We must as a community follow the CDC guidelines on social or physical distancing, to combat the fast spread of the Corona Virus (COVID-19).  Therefore, in the interest in public safety these park amenities will be closed until further notice.  All other areas of the Parks and Greenspaces throughout the City remain open.  City Manager Mike Gunn said, “We regret to have to make these closures, but feel it is in the best public interest to do so, for the safety of the public.”  The public should also be aware that playground equipment and other structures in the Parks has not been sanitized, as this would be an impossible logistical task.  Gunn also requested that the public who use the Parks and Greenspaces follow these guidelines when using our parks and green spaces:

  • Observe the CDC’s minimum recommended social distancing of 6 feet between persons.
  • Follow CDC’s guidance on personal hygiene before and after visiting.
  • No more than 10 people gathered in any one single area at a time.

City of Fulton Uses Videoconferencing for Meeting During Social Distancing Order

Due to the current pandemic crisis and social distancing guidelines in the United States of
America and Kentucky we the City of Fulton Kentucky will be conducting City Commission
meetings using a video conferencing app called “Zoom” or “Zoom Cloud”. The public is welcome to
view or participate as this is a public meeting although in a different manner than the normal

To connect, view and participate during the meeting. Click on or enter the link
https://zoom.us/j/2583657014 at the time stated on the agenda. Try to connect a few minutes
before the stated time.

Another way to connect is to click or enter the link https://join.zoom.us/ at which time you may
enter the meeting ID posted on the agenda.

Somewhere on your Zoom screen you will also see a choice to toggle between “speaker” and “gallery”
view. “Speaker view” shows the active speaker. “Gallery view” tiles all of the meeting

Participation will require you to install the application on your laptop, tablet or smart- phone
prior to the meeting. It is a no cost application. Make sure to register using your legal name
and not a nickname/alias.

There is also a raise your hand function or a chat function that will be available on the agenda
during the appropriate time.

Please be patient as this is all new to most of us.

Link to Agenda

City of Fulton is restricting access to its indoor facilities.


City of Fulton Remains Committed to Service during COVID-19 Outbreak

Fulton, KY (March 17, 2020) – Beginning Wednesday, March 18, 2020, the City of Fulton is restricting access to its indoor facilities, including City Hall downtown, in an effort to take precautionary measures in the prevention of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and spread.

The City recognizes that the impact of a potential outbreak may affect City operations in a variety of ways. To ensure continuity of government, as well as its commitment to public safety, the City will remain on track – as always – in serving its citizens, carrying out critical functions and prioritizing support functions, but will restrict the public to conduct City business using the drive through window at City Hall, located at 101 Nelson Tripp Place, which will be open during normal hours.  The public may also use U.S. Mail, electronic means and phone to conduct necessary business.  This alteration in operations will remain in effect until further public notice.

City Hall and other public buildings will remain open for staff and government officials who are unable to work remotely, but the public with required business should use another option or call City Hall at 270-472-1320 to determine how to best handle specific processes.

The City of Fulton will be monitoring the situation daily during this state of emergency and will assess and re-evaluate restrictions going forward an issue notices to such changes. All necessary updates until that time will be communicated on the City website, www.fulton-ky.com and social media portals, as well as the local paper “The Current”.

The City also recognizes its special duty to assist the public. During a community emergency, City employees’ responsibility to serve, maintain vital services and take protective measures for themselves and their community is critical and will continue during this time.

“Local governments are encouraged to take an active lead in implementing steps in concert with Governor Beshear’s declaration of emergency, executive orders and to protect the general public,” said Fulton Mayor David Prater, who asks that citizens practice social distancing, remain calm, clean and cooperative.

Cognizant of a public outlet during school closures and other COVID 19-related disruptions, the City for now will keep outdoor parks, playgrounds accessible.  As a reminder, the act of social distancing is recommended and mass gatherings in park facilities remain discouraged.

Memphis Vet Center Comes to Fulton, Kentucky for a Veterans Outreach Event on March 6 and 7

Link to Press Release

Office of Communications and Public Affairs

VA Medical Center

1030 Jefferson Avenue

Memphis, TN  38104 Email: [email protected]

News Release

February 27, 2020


Contact:  Willie Logan, Communications Officer, 901.628.1110

Memphis Vet Center Goes to Fulton, Kentucky for a Veterans Outreach Event on March 6 and 7

Memphis, Tennessee – The Memphis Vet Center, in collaboration with the local Veteran Service 

Officer and neighboring agencies, is hosting a Veterans Community Outreach event on Friday, March 6 

and Saturday, March 7, 2020. This event will be held each day from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM at the 

Fulton County City Hall located at 101 Nelson Tripp Place, Fulton, KY 42041.

Veterans and their family members are invited to come out and learn of Vet Center service, benefits 

and enrollment for medical services for eligible Veterans, as well as get connected with local 

community resources. Staff with the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs will be on site to 

assist with claims and benefits.


The Mobile Vet Center (MVC) will be on site and all are welcome to tour the vehicle. Veterans can 

obtain free and confidential counseling for post-traumatic stress issues, military sexual trauma, 

marriage and family counseling, in addition to learning about their VA benefits.


Veterans are encouraged to bring a copy of their DD214 (military discharge paper) to assist in 

determining eligibility for services. For more information contact Memphis Vet Center staff members 

Frederick Smith or Denesse Torpoco at 901.522.3950.

1407 Union Avenue, Suite 410

Memphis, TN  38104 www.VetCenter.va.gov 1-866- WAR-VETS

– END –



Citizens are asked to help with trash pick up issue.

Citizens are asked to place their garbage in trash bags and tie it up before placing it in the curside carts to avoid trash from falling out during the dumping process like the issues below.  Please do not put loose trash in your curbside carts.  

2020 City of Fulton City Vehicle Stickers on Sale

City Vehicle Stickers can now be purchased at City Hall.  They are due on vehicles by April 1, 2020.

Here is a link to the form required: City Vehicle Sticker Application 

Here is the ordinance pertaining to the city vehicle stickers:   

ORDINANCE 2018-06   AN ORDIANCE OF THE CITY OF FULTON, KENTUCKY IMPOSING A MOTOR VEHICLE LICENSE STICKER FEE UPON PERSONS, FIRMS AND CORPORATIONS OWNING AND OPERATING AUTOMOBILES, TRUCKS OTHER VEHICLES WITHIN THE CORPORATE LIMITS OF THE CITY OF FULTON, KENTUCKY FOR THE PURPOSE OF PAYING THE GENERAL EXPENSES OF THE CITY   WHEREAS, the City Commission of the City of Fulton, Kentucky has heretofore enacted an ordinance imposing a motor vehicle license sticker fee upon persons firms and corporations owning and operating automobiles, trucks or other vehicles within the corporate limits of the City of Fulton and   WHEREAS, it is the intent of the City Commission of the City of Fulton, Kentucky desires to continue to provide certain registration and supervisory regulation upon -all persons, firms, corporations and associations owning or operating vehicles within the city limits of the City of Fulton, Kentucky.  The City wishes to use its power granted in KRS82.082 known as “Home Rule Powers”   NOW   THEREFORE BE IT ORDAINED by the Board of Commissioners of the City of Fulton, Kentucky as follows, to-wit:   Section 1. For the purposes of registration and exercising a supervisory regulation over the subjects hereof, a license will be required with a fee by all persons, firms, corporations and associations engaged in a business-related activity, work related activity or residing within the corporate City limits of Fulton, Kentucky.   Section 2. The starting date for said license shall be April 1, 2019.  Then said licenses shall be issued annually by the City Clerk or their designee and shall extend from April 1, to the last day of March of the succeeding years and shall be renewed each year such vehicles are so operated.  A city license shall be required within thirty (30) days of becoming engaged in a business-related activity, work related activity or residing within the corporate City limits of Fulton, Kentucky.  License Fee shall be $25 annually and the rate shall not be prorated.   Section 3. The City Clerk or designee shall provide registration stickers with numbers corresponding to the number of the license issued hereunder, which said registration sticker shall be always displayed conspicuously upon the front windshield of any such motor vehicle so licensed and it shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation within the City of Fulton, Kentucky to operate such motor vehicle without the proper display of such registration sticker.  The following information shall be provided to the clerk before issuance of said license:  Name and Address; Year of Vehicle Manufacture, Make of The Vehicle, Model of the Vehicle, Vin Number of the vehicle.   Section 4.        It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to transfer from one motor vehicle to another any license issued pursuant to the provisions of this ordinance except on transfer of ownership of said motor vehicle as herein provided.  Whenever any motor vehicle for which said license has been issued changes ownership, the transferor shall cause such license sticker to be removed from said motor vehicle and mutilated.  On the transfer of another motor vehicle to said transferor and on proof of such mutilation, which may be in the form of an affidavit of said transferor, the City Clerk shall cause a license to issue and provide such transferor with a City license sticker for such vehicle without charge for the remainder of the year for which license was originally issued.   Section 5.        The provisions of this ordinance shall apply to any persons, individuals, firms or corporations residing inside or outside of the corporate limits of the City of Fulton and owning or operating or causing to be operated any automobile or motor vehicle upon or over the streets of the City of Fulton, Kentucky in connection with the business conducted or a regular profession followed within the City limits or as a means of conveyance to and from a position, job, labor or employment for which remuneration is received from such business, profession, position, job, labor or employment in The City of Fulton Kentucky; and the penalties herein provided shall apply to such non-residents failing to comply with the provisions of this ordinance.   Section 6. Any person, firm, corporation or association found by a Fulton City Police Officer, Safety Officer, Citation Officer, or other public official with the authority to issue a citation, to be in violation of the provisions of Section 4 of this ordinance shall be issued a warning citation and have fourteen (14) business days to obtain said City License and pay an additional penalty to said license fee of $100.  If the license is not obtained within 14 days, then the violator will be summoned to court and be subject to court costs and a fine of $250 plus the cost of license with a penalty of $100.   Section 7. All money derived from the license fees under the provisions of this ordinance shall be placed in the General Fund of the City of Fulton and shall be used and expended for defraying the current, general and incidental expenses of the City.   Section 8. Exemptions shall include: Vehicles that have been issued a common carrier permit or certificate by the state (KRS 281.835) or a common carrier certificate from another state for which Kentucky has a reciprocal agreement (KRS 281.835).  Disabled veterans as defined in KRS 186.041 and KRS 189.4595.  Vehicles that are used solely for government purposes and trailers.  Trucks, trailers etc. operated pursuant to a Federal Interstate Commerce Commission Permit, unless such trucks are locally-owned and garaged.   Section 9. If any clause, section, sentence, part or paragraph hereof is invalid, then such invalidity shall not affect the remaining portions hereof, unless the context requires it.     Section 10.      That this Ordinance shall be put before the Commission and shall be effective upon its second reading, adoption and publication as required by law.