Fulton County along with South Fulton has been designated one of 40 counties in the United States that will participate in the new Federal Rural Partners Network.  This is a Partnership with multiple Federal Funding Agencies designed to assist communities that have suffered from persistent poverty.  This Partnership will bring opportunities to our community for funding of projects designed to reverse  economic decline.  As we move forward with this Partnership, we will post on this FB page, opportunities that become available to assist Fulton County and South Fulton residents.

Our Fulton County Rural Partners Network Team has chosen housing as one of our first programs. Currently we are working with USDA and their housing loan and grant programs to assist our residents with housing needs.  These programs can assist with making home repairs or financing of new homes, both existing and new construction.  


To start, we propose to conduct two workshops to provide information on loans and grants to residents and measure the level of citizen interest in the housing program.  One workshop to be held in Hickman for residents of the Hickman area and one in Fulton for the residents of the Fulton and South Fulton area.

If you are interested in attending either of these workshops, please let us know by calling the County Judge’s office at 270-236-2594 or emailing to [email protected].  This is a great opportunity to get your home repairs made and buy or build a new home.  We need to demonstrate to USDA that we have residents which are interested in these programs.  If we can determine there is enough interest in these housing programs, we can move forward with arranging a workshop where USDA will attend to discuss the programs and assist with application for the grants and loans.  Please let the County Judges office know of your interest and workshops can be arranged.   (270-236-2594 or [email protected])

When calling or emailing please provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number and email address
  • Which workshop you would like to attend

At the workshops we will be discussing the following USDA grant and loan programs:

  1. Section 504 Home Repair Program.
    1. To qualify for a grant, you must:
      1. Be the owner and occupy the home
      2. Be unable to obtain affordable credit elsewhere
      3. Have a family income considered Very Low Income

1 person family – $12,750

2 person family – $14,750

3 person family – $16,400

4 person family – $18,200

5 person family – $19,700

  1. For grant applicants must be at least 62 years of age
  2. The grant amount can be up to $36,520
  3. Loan and grant can be combined up to $76,520
  4. The loan portion is at an interest rate of 1%
  1. Grant and Loan can be used to make home repairs, improve or modernize homes, or to remove health and safety hazards.


  1. Section 502 Direct Home Loan Program.
    1. This program can assist low and very low-income families buy or build decent, safe and sanitary housing.
    2. Applicants must:
      1. Be without decent, safe and sanitary housing
      2. Be unable to obtain a loan from other resources on terms and conditions that can reasonably be expected to met
      3. Agree to occupy the home as their principal residence
      4. Have legal capacity to incur a loan obligation
      5. Meet citizenship or eligible noncitizen requirements
      6. Not be suspended or debarred from participation in federal programs
      7. Have family income of

1–4-person family – $48,550

5–8-person family – $64,100

  1. Terms of the Loan
    1. 38 Years
    2. Interest 3.25%

Boil Water Order Lifted from 10.13.2022

The System Wide Boil Water Notice that was issued for all Fulton City Municipal Water customers,  including our water district customers on October 13, 2022 HAS BEEN LIFTED.  Please follow the City of Fulton’s website at for updates.  If you have any questions, please call Fulton Public Works at 270-472-2434.


AFTER HOURS PUBLIC WORKS – After hours services are for non-bill related emergencies only (like a water leak, gas leak, etc). Please DO NOT call after hours about your bill. The 911 center has nothing to do with utility billing and disconnects.

Billing related matters and reconnects can ONLY be done through the City’s utility billing offices during business hours. Those matters are between the customer and the City, so please do not call the 911 center after hours regarding them.


UNINTENTIONAL ROLE REVERSALS – Our newly appointed Fire and Police chiefs were recently invited to a men’s prayer breakfast. It was a time of reflection, fellowship, and an opportunity to share what both departments are doing and moving towards. As you can see our chiefs “have jokes.” They said it was not coordinated, but we know these two! Can you spot what they did?

Music by KOTA August 13, 2022 (Tourism Summer Concert Series)

Come on out to Pontotoc Park and Reduce Stress,relax, get a sense of community and have fun!

Reduces Stress

Studies show that just listening to music has positive impacts on your health. It is good for stimulating your brain, lifting your mood, and reducing your stress. Attending concerts, however, has a similar effect but in a different way. Attending a live music event is a scheduled, carved out time for you to simply enjoy being entertained. It reduces stress because it allows you to step out of everyday life and not worry or think about anything aside from the experience. Just like when you take time to participate in an activity that gives you joy, or allows you to rest, and forget about what’s stressing you.

Sense Of Community

Even though everyone’s concert experience is individual, concerts create a sense of camaraderie and community. Concerts create common ground between strangers — a similar taste in music, and support for the artist playing. This act of thousands of people joining together to listen to a favored artist creates a positive feeling of connection to those around you. Feeling connected to others is beneficial to your outlook on life, as well as your overall longevity. It gives you a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction stemming from connection to another person. Whether or not you actually speak to those around you at a concert, the event itself still promotes a sense of connection between you and those around you, and you and the artist.

Allows You To Reflect

Listening to songs played live that you’ve heard a thousand times can take you back to the first time you heard the song, or perhaps a happy memory of a time when you listened to the song. Reliving joy, or any positive experience is soothing. As humans, we are able to distinguish between music and noise, and connect music to memories. Concerts serve as a unique opportunity and space to relive old feelings, and process them over again, which is a common practice in psychiatric therapy sessions.

The City of Fulton, Kentucky is now accepting applications for an open position within the City. (DPW General Worker)

The City of Fulton, Kentucky is now accepting applications for an open position within the City. The City of Fulton, Kentucky is a unique and extremely historic City and part of a Twin City Community (South Fulton, TN) located on the Kentucky/Tennessee line and has an estimated community population of 5,000. The community is situated on the Canadian National Rail Line and the Southernmost section of I69 in Kentucky about forty-five minutes south of Paducah, KY and two and half hours Northwest of Nashville, TN.

The City Commission is seeking a qualified person for the position of Department of Public Works General Worker. Under general supervision performs a full array of unskilled to semi-skilled manual labor activities as needed and/or required by the Public Works Department to maintain operations. Activities include but not limited to maintenance and repair of the City’s buildings, equipment, municipal streets, parks, natural gas system, drinking water system, storm water system and sanitary sewer system. Year round, you may repair and maintain, traffic lights, and street signs, clean up downed trees and brush, or fix medians, concrete, and roads. You may also work cutting grass, weed eating, planting trees, emptying trash cans, raking leaves, trimming bushes/plants, emptying trash cans, and raking leaves. You may operate various types of equipment, specialty tools, machinery and commercial vehicles. A public works laborer most often works outdoors, regardless of the weather. In the winter, you may be responsible for snow removal or road salting. Salary range for the position is $14.00 to $19.23 hourly.

Full job description may be obtained from the City Clerk at Fulton City Hall or the City website You may apply by submitting a resume (curriculum vitae preferred) and they will be accepted until the position is filled. Resumes may be submitted to the City Manager:
City of Fulton, Kentucky
PO Box 1350
101 Nelson Tripp Place
Fulton, KY 42041
[email protected]

The City of Fulton is “An Equal Opportunity Employer,” “Any applicant who needs an ADA accommodation in the employment selection process will request the accommodation from the city clerk in writing.”