Citizens asked not to park on the following streets during working hours for milling and resurfacing of streets.

Street Beginning Ending
Eddings Street State Line Road Fourth Street
Second Street Eddings Street West Street
North College Street Fourth Street Seventh Street
Mears Street Second Street Fourth Street
Pearl Street State Line Road Second Street
Fourth Street Pearl Street Eddings
Walnut Street Martin Luther King Cleveland
Maple Street Vine Street Paige Street
Vernon Avenue Curve Vernon Avenue Vanlea Street
Carr Street Fourth Street Valley Street
Valley Street RR Crossing Eddings
Stephen Beale West Second State Line Road
Murray Street Nolan Avenue Cook
Sunset Street Second Street Third Street
Walnut Street RR Crossing Martin Luther King
Bridge Bankers Place NA NA
Bridge Commercial NA NA
Bridge Second Street NA NA

Public Notice Fire Hydrant Flushing & Testing in the City to Begin

Public Notice Link

Click on the link above to see the notice.

Fire hydrant flushing & testing is beginning throughout the City of Fulton this week. Crews will begin at the clear well located at the corner of Mears Street & Martin Luther King moving from there to the West until they reach the CN Rail Yard.  The next section of town will be from the clear well moving East until they reach East Drive.  The last section of town will be West of the railroad including Riceville area. Estimated time to complete will be two to three weeks.  Thank you for your patience during this operation.


A hydrant testing and flushing program is very important to the maintenance of our domestic water distribution system. Each year water system employees systematically open hydrants throughout the City to gauge flows and to allow water to flow at a high velocity through the distribution main lines. Regular flushing serves the following purposes:


  • Enhances long term water quality by removing sediments from inside the mainline and flushing them out through the hydrant.
  • Identifies malfunctions of the hydrant and related valve issues.
  • Helps determine weaknesses in the water distribution system.
  • Identifies inadequate water volumes and pressures in the mainlines.
  • Helps determine fire flows at the hydrant.


You may encounter the following conditions during hydrant flushing operations:


  • A temporary drop in water pressure to your residence or place of business.
  • Rusty brown, or cloudy water. (These conditions will subside after the flushing is completed.)


Helpful Hints to Remember:


  • Before flushing operations begin, notify customers in areas where flushing is to occur
  • Use caution when washing white or light-colored laundry during the flushing operations


After the flushing operation is completed in your area:

  • Open the cold-water faucets and let the water flow until it is clear. Turn off the faucets.
  • Open the hot water faucets and let the water flow until it is clear. Turn off the faucets.
  • When both hot and cold water are clear, the water is ready for use as normal.
  • Check the faucet screens for trapped particles.
  • Wash a load or two of dark-colored clothes first.


What should I do when hydrants are being flushed in my area?


Mainly, avoid using the dishwasher, washing machine and don’t turn on the faucets (hot or cold). Wait until the operation is completed.  If you are driving in the work zone where hydrants are being flushed, please drive carefully.


Why does my water look rusty or cloudy after hydrant flushing?


When a hydrant is opened, the water in the mainline will flow out at a high velocity. This creates a scouring action in the pipe and dislodges fine sediment particles that have accumulated in the pipe. The fine sediment mixes with the water, turning the water a cloudy or rusty brown color. This mixture is discharged out of the hydrant.  Remember, after the hydrant flushing operation, run your hot and cold faucets to let the water clear before you use it.

Accepting Bids on Paving and Milling








2019 Asphalt Milling and Paving for the City of Fulton, KY


Sealed bids to be mailed or delivered to:


City of Fulton

Office of City Clerk

PO Box 1350

101 Nelson Tripp Place

270-472-1320 Phone

BIDS must be marked “2019 City Street Paving Project”


Deadline to Submit:


October 2, 2019

Time: 1:00 p.m., Central Standard Time

At said place and time, and promptly thereafter, all Bids that have been duly received will be publicly opened and read aloud.


The proposed work is generally described as follows:


Completion of approximately 40,7800 square yards of restoration of asphalt surfaces, milling of approximately 1014 tons, with millings to be hauled to a desired location within the City.  The bid shall be for both the milling and paving of the streets as described on the attached page.  This bid shall also include the resurfacing of the Police Department Parking lot of approximately 207 square yards at 1 Inch thick, location is 340 Browder Street. 


Questions contact:


Billy Nelms Director of Public Works

City of Fulton, KY


[email protected]



The City reserves the right to reject any or all Bids, including without limitation the right to reject any or all nonconforming, non-responsive, incomplete, unbalanced, or conditional Bids, to waive informalities, and to reject the Bid of any Bidder if The City believes that it would not be in the best interest of The City to make an award to that bidder. The City also reserves the right to negotiate with the selected bidder to such an extent as may be determined by The City. Also, if, in The City’s opinion, a product and/or supplier offer distinct advantages over other bidders, The City may award to a bidder that is not the lowest. Distinct advantages may include shipping time, standardization or ultimate economy. The City reserves the right to have separate awards for individual bid items from different bidders. The City further reserves the right to reject all bids, to waive any informalities and to negotiate for the modification of any bid, or to accept a bid which is deemed the most desirable and advantageous from the standpoint of customer value and service and concept of operations, even though such bid may not, on its face, appear to be the lowest price. Bids shall remain subject to acceptance for 60 days after the day of bid opening or for such longer period of time to which a bidder may agree in writing upon request of The City. If a Contract is to be awarded, The City will give the successful bidder a Notice of Award during the period of time during which the successful bidder’s bid remains subject to acceptance.

Public Notice Grass and Leaves Deposited in Streets

Yard Waste Deposited in Streets


As we come the end of the mowing season; the City of Fulton would like to remind all citizens not to put grass or clippings or leaves on the street.  Not only is it unattractive, it is against City ordinances to deposit grass clippings or yard waste on City streets.  Ordinance § 40-64 states: “It shall be unlawful for any person to place, throw, sweep or otherwise deposit any refuse or waste material of any kind on any street, gutter, sidewalk or sewer right-of-way in the city.”


Potential hazards include clogging up stormwater sewer systems.  Grass clippings that go down storm drains, can collect into a large pile.  This prohibits the free flow of rainwater through, causing the system to back-up and flooding the streets.  Also, clippings that carry fertilizers and pesticides, carry these chemicals into the creeks and streams, and pose issues for wildlife and promote the growth of algae, which can be harmful to people using the creeks and streams.


More importantly, grass clippings in the street can create hazards for motorcyclists and bicyclists. Studies suggest that grass and clippings can be up to 85% water, making for very slick surfaces.  The National Transportation and Safety Association estimate that 20% of motorcycle accidents are caused by grass clippings upon the roadways.


Again, the City would like to remind everyone to take part in keep our town clean and safe for all residents and visitors.

Residential Garbage Collection Issues

WCA has experienced some mechanical issues with their truck this week.  Collection is running behind this week.  They expect to have Tuesdays collection route completed by 11AM today and begin on Thursdays collection route.  In the event they do not get Thursdays completed today it will be picked up tomorrow.  Thank you for your patience. 

Job Opening Public Works Maintenance Worker I




The City of Fulton, KY is advertising for a full time Utility Maintenance Worker I. Application deadline will be September 25, 2019 at 4:00 pm. Applications and job descriptions may be obtained from Fulton City Clerk at Fulton City Hall, 101 Nelson Tripp Place, Fulton, KY 42041, 270-472-1320, Ext. 3 or [email protected]

Applications may also be picked up at Fulton Public Works Department at 600 North 4th Street, Fulton, KY 42041. Application and resume to be returned to the office of the City Clerk or mailed to City Clerk, P.O. Box 1350, Fulton, KY 42041

This position will be under the direction of the Public Works Director and Assistant Public Works Director.


Hourly Wage:

· Based on qualifications and experience.

Benefit Package:

· Kentucky CERS retirement, Life Insurance for Family, Paid Holidays, Health Insurance Plan, and paid vacation based on length of service.


Must be 18 years of age, must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent, must have a valid driver’s license, must be able to type and use computers in a proficient manner, all other licenses or certification required to carry out job description. Job offer will be contingent on applicant passing the standard drug test.

The City of Fulton is an equal opportunity employer.

Fulton County Transit Phone Issues

Fulton County Transit is still experiencing phone problems. They have two work tickets in to AT&T to try and solve our problems. Please call 270-472-9848 for an alternate number.

City Park and Upper End of Park Road Closed Tomorrow

In regards to the City’s Annual Fireworks Display the City Park and the section of Park Road directly in front of the City Park will be closed tomorrow from Noon until Midnight.  The public will not be allowed in the City after noon tomorrow. Note residents living on Park Road can access their homes by driving by the Police Department and going under the bridge.  

Notice of Trash Pick July 4th

Trash pick up will be done on its regular Thursday pickup. The Holiday will not affect the Thursday Trash Pick Up.