Farmer’s Market Grand Opening Event

3 Responses to “Farmer’s Market Grand Opening Event”

  1. Vickie Maddox

    We live in a small rural town and this new ” Farmer’s Market
    ” will be such a great venue for so many..Thanks to all the hard work and desire to these happen..especially all tge people working to get this project fulfilled in this awful climate we are in now..May God bless our new market and bring good produce, hopefully homemade breads and cakes and flowers too..Thank you so much..vickie maddox

  2. Vickie Maddox

    Thanks to all made this dream a reality in our little community..The Farmer’s Market will be a great venue for so many who sell produce, baked goods and so much more..This would be a great place for a quaint village during Christmas for a Holiday Market…Cheers to all the people who suffered through this heat to finish..Best W9shes, vickie maddox

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