Fulton County & Twin Cities Housing Workshops Scheduled

Fulton County along with South Fulton has been designated one of 40 counties in the United States that will participate in the new Federal Rural Partners Network.  This is a Partnership with multiple Federal Funding Agencies designed to assist communities that have suffered from persistent poverty.  This Partnership will bring opportunities to our community for funding of projects designed to reverse  economic decline.  As we move forward with this Partnership, we will post on this FB page, opportunities that become available to assist Fulton County and South Fulton residents.

Our Fulton County Rural Partners Network Team has chosen housing as one of our first programs. Currently we are working with USDA and their housing loan and grant programs to assist our residents with housing needs.  These programs can assist with making home repairs or financing of new homes, both existing and new construction.  

To start, we propose to conduct two workshops to provide information on loans and grants to residents and measure the level of citizen interest in the housing program.  One workshop to be held in Hickman for residents of the Hickman area and one in Fulton for the residents of the Fulton and South Fulton area.

Workshop 1 November 21, 2022 at 5pm Hickman City Hall 

Workshop 2 November 22, 2022 at 5pm Fulton City Hall (South Fulton & Fulton Residents)