City of Fulton Business License Renewal Due By January 1, 2022

The City of Fulton has an occupational license fee ordinance on file that requires anyone who does business inside the city limits of Fulton to purchase a seventy-five dollar ($75.00) business license.

“Business” means any enterprise, activity, trade, occupation, profession, or undertaking of any nature conducted for gain or profit. “Business” shall not include the usual activities of board or trade, chambers of commerce, trade associations, or unions, or other associations performing services usually performed by trade associations or unions. “Business” shall not include funds, foundations, corporations, or associations organized and operated for the exclusive and sole purpose of religious, charitable, scientific, literary, educational civic or fraternal purposes, where no part of the earnings, incomes or receipts of such unit, group or association, insures to the benefit of any private shareholder or other person.

The renewal is based on last year’s information and if any changes need to be made or if you have any questions, please contact Fulton City Clerk at 270-472-1320.