City of Fulton Uses Videoconferencing for Meeting During Social Distancing Order

Due to the current pandemic crisis and social distancing guidelines in the United States of
America and Kentucky we the City of Fulton Kentucky will be conducting City Commission
meetings using a video conferencing app called “Zoom” or “Zoom Cloud”. The public is welcome to
view or participate as this is a public meeting although in a different manner than the normal

To connect, view and participate during the meeting. Click on or enter the link at the time stated on the agenda. Try to connect a few minutes
before the stated time.

Another way to connect is to click or enter the link at which time you may
enter the meeting ID posted on the agenda.

Somewhere on your Zoom screen you will also see a choice to toggle between “speaker” and “gallery”
view. “Speaker view” shows the active speaker. “Gallery view” tiles all of the meeting

Participation will require you to install the application on your laptop, tablet or smart- phone
prior to the meeting. It is a no cost application. Make sure to register using your legal name
and not a nickname/alias.

There is also a raise your hand function or a chat function that will be available on the agenda
during the appropriate time.

Please be patient as this is all new to most of us.

Link to Agenda