Traffic Advisory 3-11-17



A line of sometimes heavy snow showers have moved across the lower and western counties of Kentucky Transportation Cabinet District 1.

Highway surface temperatures from ample sunshine over the last couple of days have held above freezing,  That has severed to melt most snow that has fallen.  However, some elevated surfaces such as bridges and overpasses have had more significant temperature drops.

Snow volume has been significant enough in some localized areas to allow plowing.

Crews in Hickman, Fulton, and Graves counties have trucks out plowing and paroling.  Calloway County has 2 trucks out spot treading and plowing.  Trigg County is patrolling at this time and prepared to respond.

Radar indicates the most significant bands of snow are moving out of the district.  Crews plan to continue plowing and treating as necessary while evaluating the level of operations of an hourly basis.

KYTC District 1, headquartered at Paducah, is responsible of 2800 miles of highway in Fulton, Hickman, Carlisle, Ballard, McCracken, Graves, Calloway, Marshall, Livingston, Crittenden, Lyon, and Trigg Counties.


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