Reminder City Occupational License (Business License)

This is a reminder that City of Fulton Occupational License are due before January 1, 2017 for the next year.  You can obtain one at City Hall.  Operating without one could lead to a civil penalty of $50 a day.  The license application may be obtained by clicking here City of Fulton Occupational License Application.

City of Fulton Ordinance

   Every person and business entity engaged in any business in the city shall be required to apply for and obtain an occupational license from the city before the commencement of business or in the event of a change of business status. Licensees are required to notify the city of any changes in address, the cessation of business, or any other changes which render the information supplied to the city in the license application inaccurate.
(Ord. 2012-03, passed 3-12-2012)

   (A)   Except as provided in division (B) below, every person or business entity engaged in any business for profit and any person or business entity that is required to make a filing with the Internal Revenue Service or the Kentucky Revenue Cabinet shall be required to pay to the city a $75 administrative fee for the costs associated with the application processing, license issuance, and record retention, which shall be due no later than January 1 of each year. If temporarily engaged in business in the city or if starting a new business, this administrative license fee shall be paid prior to starting any business activity.
   (B)   The occupational license administrative fee imposed in this section shall not apply to the following persons or business entities:
      (1)   Any bank, trust company, combined bank and trust company, or trust, banking and title insurance company organized and doing business in this state, any savings and loan association whether state or federally chartered;
      (2)   Any compensation received by members of the Kentucky National Guard for active duty training, unit training assemblies and annual field training;
      (3)   Any compensation received by precinct workers for election training or work at election booths in state, county or local primary, regular, or special elections;
      (4)   Public service corporations that pay an ad valorem tax property valued and assessed by the Kentucky Department of Revenue pursuant to the provisions of KRS 136.120. Licensees whose businesses are predominantly non-public service who are also engaged in public service activity are required to pay a license fee on their net profit derived from the non-public service activities apportioned to the city; and
      (5)   Life insurance companies incorporated under the laws of and doing business in the commonwealth.
(Ord. 2012-03, passed 3-12-2012; Ord. 2014-01, passed 2-24-2014; Ord. 2014-07, passed 6-23-2014)

   All money derived from the occupational license administrative fee under the provisions of this chapter shall be paid to the city as an administrative fee for purposes of expenses associated with application processing, license issuance and record retention.
(Ord. 2012-03, passed 3-12-2012)