More Good News Delivered by Amtrak

(submitted by Kim Jobe, FCTA)


More good news has been delivered to the Fulton County area
by Amtrak.
“We have begun the process to get Fulton the new station we
promised,” said Derrick James, Senior Manager of
Government Affairs for Amtrak. “Right now, we’re selecting
from our on-call team of design firms. Throughout the summer
we will review the designs as it advances through several
phases (30%/60%/90%/100%). Once a design if finalized we’ll go
out for bid for construction.”
If all flows smoothly, James said, construction could begin in
November and be completed 9-10 months later.
According to James, the project will encompass a new,
enclosed, climate-controlled station building with unisex
restroom, and a 750’ long, 12’ wide, lighted, passenger
boarding platform.
Locally raised funds are still in consideration for utilization in
the project.
“We had discussed using locally raised funds for enhancement
of our project, items that we’re not allowed to spend funds on,”
James explained. “Our work will all take place on CN ROW,
but we could certainly use a marquee sign out on Highway 51
to highlight the location of the station. This location is not on
property we have access to. We could use Fulton County’s
support for such an initiative.”
Fulton County Transit Authority Executive Director Kenney
Etherton, who has been the most recent leader of a grassroots
effort to get a new station built, was ecstatic about the news
about a tentative construction start date.
“In spite of a pandemic, we can still put good news out,”
Etherton said. “Our Amtrak project is progressing. I am now
looking forward to the design and construction phases to
City Manager Mike Gunn echoed the elation generated by the
“I know the community has heard it before, but I am excited to
finally have an anticipated start date for construction of the
new Amtrak station here in the City of Fulton. Just be
patient,” Gunn said. “Having one of our transportation
partners committed to providing the community a new station
by 2022 is such great news. I can’t wait for the design to be
completed and construction to begin in November.”
With Fulton being one of only four stops in the Commonwealth
for Amtrak service, Gunn feels the new station will only
enhance connectivity to the rest of the country for the city as
well as Kentucky.
The new station will also be a good tribute to Fulton’s railroad
“In the past, Fulton was one of those great American stops,”
Gunn said. “My hope is that this train station will let us reflect
on our past and look toward the future. Hopefully the new
station will be a part of the catalyst the community needs as it
seeks to expand its appeal as a place to invest in and cultivate
civic pride.”
Having a new station will also reflect Fulton’s desire to
positively embrace those who travel here.
“A train station is often the first impression of a community for
visitors coming to stay or simply passing through,” Gunn
explained. “Fulton wants to make that good impression. I am
extremely proud of all the effort that has made getting a new
Amtrak station here a reality.”