Notice of Illegal Dumping of Trash/Litter inside the City of Fulton Will Be Enforced


TO:        All Departments, General Public & Businesses in The City of Fulton

FROM:           Mike Gunn, City Manager  

DATE:            June 25, 2019

RE:                 Notice of Illegal Dumping of Trash/Litter Inside The City of Fulton


It is becoming evident illegal or improper dumping of trash/litter taking place throughout the City of Fulton.  This document will serve as a notice to the public this practice is illegal, and City Departments will now monitor through electronic surveillance and direct observance for these actions.  This document will serve as a directive to all Departments within the City to monitor and report violations to the Fulton Police Department.  This document also serves as a request to the public for to assist in monitoring and reporting suspected violations of illegal dumping.

Area 1 Dumping of trash/litter in private containers of various businesses throughout town without permission.

Area 2 Dumping of household trash in public receptacles, such as along Lake Street and The City Parks.  These containers are not for household trash/litter dumping. 

Area 3 Dumping of trash in the roll off containers behind Public Works. This location is not for public use.  These containers are not intended for household trash/litter or bulk trash dumping by the public.

Those who see or suspect illegal dumping, are requested to get as much information as possible such as tag numbers, descriptions of vehicles/people, take a picture/video and call Fulton Police Department at 270-472-3141.

City of Fulton Code 40-33 makes this act of unauthorized disposal of trash/litter a violation.  City of Fulton Code 40-35 grants the authority of any police office to issue a citation. City of Fulton Code 40-36 makes the penalty a misdemeanor punishable by a fine not exceeding $500 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months or by both the fine and imprisonment.